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Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability Introduction



Smartel Links can be communicated at (+1 (877) 937-1971). Smartel Links is an sanctioned dealer for colorful mobile phone carriers listed on this website. Your use of the Smartel Links website signifies your agreement to and acceptance of the fresh terms and conditions stated below.

In this Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability, the term “Smartel Links Web point ” or simply “Smartel Links ”( when used without farther specification, as opposed to being a modifier in a expression like Smartel Links Web point ”) includes the following realities and individualities Smartel Links, its parent companies, accessories, members, mates, common gambles, cells, suppliers, licensors, agents, contractors, their agents and workers, and all their heirs at law, successors, and assigns.

Disclaimer of Warranties


Your use of the Smartel Links website and any of its factors is at your own threat.

disclaims all guaranties OF TITLE,NON-INFRINGEMENT, IMPLIED guaranties OF MERCHANTABILITY, OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, as well as any guaranties arising from the course of dealing or operation of trade.

Any advice or information handed by Smartel Links doesn’t produce a bond of any kind. Smartel Links doesn’t guarantee continued or error-free service or the absence of contagions, cancelbots, worms, sense losers, trojan nags, or other dangerous factors in the information, software, or accoutrements accessible on the service.

isn’t responsible for the content of external websites linked to or from the Smartel Links website. These links are handed solely for convenience, and their addition doesn’t indicate Smartel Links countersign.

Limitation of Liability



Smartel Links liability and your exclusive remedy for using the Smartel Links website and its factors, as well as any breach of the General Terms of Service, are limited to the quantities you have paid to Smartel Links. Please note that some countries may not permit the rejection or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages, so Smartel Links liability is limited to the extent allowed by law in those countries.



still, irrelevant, or void by a court of competent governance, If any part of this disclaimer and limitation of liability is set up unconscionable.

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General Terms and Conditions of Smartel Links Web point

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General Terms and Conditions Applicable to Smartel Links GENERAL TERMS OF USE OF WEB SITE AND CUSTOMER AGREEMENT


Non-Competition Covenants


Buyer agrees to certain on-competition covenants for a period of five( 5) times following this agreement( the “ confined Period ”). These covenants include not engaging in businesses related to the marketing and selling of colorful products described on the website


Notice of Agreement Legal Document


This document is a fairly binding contract. Please precisely read the entire agreement before using the services handed by this website or agreeing to buy any payments from it. By using this website or agreeing to buy any payments, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined below.However, don’t use this website and exit incontinently, If you don’t agree with these terms and conditions.


Bill Payment Services



Smartel Links offers bill payment services that allow consumers to make electronic payments for US- grounded cellular providers 24/7. The service is intended for individual consumer use only and shouldn’t be used on behalf of companies or other realities. You may need to give your cellular service provider account information to use this service, and you authorize Smartel Links to pierce this information solely for furnishing the service. Charges may apply for certain deals, and you’re responsible for any crimes made during use. Smartel Links isn’t liable for the products or services paid for through its bill payment services.

For any query communicate us at(+1 (877) 937-1971)